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Disinfection of Exhibits and Visitor Spaces

Worried about keeping your exhibits disinfected? Do you know which cleaning materials will damage you exhibit surfaces? We have the disinfecting solutions for you in this guide.

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Taylor’s philosophy, shared by all on-site staff, is that having fully functional and visually appealing exhibits is important to their organization.  They want their customers and their visitors to have a positive experience and to consider that experience a reflection of their organization.

Michael Venuti, Retired Director - Albany Pine Bush

What’s in this bundle?

  • A disinfecting toolbox

  • Guide to disinfecting different materials

  • What you should avoid

  • Links to other resources

Why you should get it?

This will help keep your exhibits and visitors safe. You’ll save yourself the time and energy of reaching out to all your vendors and exhibit fabricators to know how to clean effectively. Disinfecting and cleaning are two different things. How to disinfect may not be in your maintenance manuals, this will tell you how to do it.