Are you a museum, nature center, park, interpretive center, or other entity looking for a reasonable way to add professional-quality exhibits to your space?

Shave Your Alpaca exhibits are:


Budget-Friendly & Designed for Low Maintenance


Expertly Crafted & Museum-Grade

Flexible & Buildable

Purchase One or Many & Swap Content Easily


Alpacas are cute furry creatures. And, as we’ve come to learn, require occasional shaving. Isn’t there something just charming about them? Shave Your Alpaca Exhibits will make you happy–in name and physical form.

How Does it Work ?

Choose from the line of SYA exhibit pieces. Buy one, two, or however many fit your space (and your budget!). Purchase more over the years as additional funding becomes available. Swap out content or buy whole new pieces at your leisure.

What can I buy ?

With Reader Rails, Tabletop Exhibit Pieces, Interior Kiosks, Crawl-through Logs, and Activity Tables you will find the perfect options for your space. Pick color finishes that compliment your site.

Add-Ons and Custom Options:

  • Sliding Magnifier
  • Spinner
  • Flip Book
  • Monitor
  • Graphic Panel
  • Flip Doors
  • Handset Sound Interactive
  • Display Case
  • Push-button Interactive
  • Topography Map
  • Light-up Map with Push Buttons
  • Diorama Table
  • Tactile Objects Table
Ready to add flexible, affordable, museum-grade exhibits to your site?

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